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We know many of you will be looking for information for how lockdown will affect our service. We’ll continue to keep you updated as we make decisions. For now, our buses are running to their current timetable but you can keep up to date with any changes by checking our main Coronavirus page.

We've put in place measures to allow you to travel safely including limiting available seats on buses and enhanced cleaning. Unless you’re exempt, you must wear a face covering throughout your journey. Please avoid busy times, use contactless payment where you can, keep your distance and take your litter with you.


Flexi Day 5

10 Aug 2020

Flexi day 5 tram flexi-ticket app travel supertram


This NEW ticket, only available on the Stagecoach bus App is ideal for flexible, part-time or shift workers.


The Flexi Day 5 is one ticket with five Supertram Only day tickets for the price of four normal day tickets.  

Once you have the Stagecoach Bus App the tickets go straight to your phone.


Pay with Paypal, Apple or Google Pay.


Easy to buy and use, buy once and activate tickets when you need to use them – just follow these 5 simple steps


1. Find the Flexi Day 5 Supertram only ticket in the Multi-trip section on the App - set your location to Sheffield and it will pop right up!

2. Add the Flexi Day 5 ticket to the basket, then checkout securely.

3. You now have 5 unactivated Supertram day tickets in the My Tickets section of your app.

4. Activate a ticket when you need to use it (you'll need an internet connection to activate the ticket - but then you can use it without a connection until it expires).

5. After using one ticket, it should show 4/5 tickets remaining – you've got one month from the day or purchase to use all 5 tickets.


The Flexi Day 5 is even more flexible as you can now send tickets to other people with the Stagecoach bus App.